Curfew: Day 3

More than half a million cases worldwide. Over 800 in India. “What can be done? It is what it is,” an acquaintance told me this morning insisting that the ‘greater good of the vast majority’ will inevitably leave some out in the cold. Some. Some fathers, some mothers, some children…self-preservation trumps humanity every single time. In that at least, we are consistent.

unapologetic moon –
that half-light
at the end of this tunnel


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5 thoughts on “Curfew: Day 3

  1. Rajani, the horrifying thing is that it can be 800 this week and exponentially so much higher one week later. Stay safe. I am staying indoors as long as I can. I am fortunate I live in a village, rather than a large city. I worry about the people of India.


  2. Yes. Consistency. Yes, half-light. My only hope is that they who survive the pandemic will have learned kindness and all the ways we could live with care for each other. How, in the midst of illness, can we solve poverty and homelessness when we couldn’t solve it in less pressured times?


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