Once more around the sun

once more around the sun
this earth that marks neither
beginning nor end —

while, we, crossing an
artificial border of time,
raise fists and voices —

to save the earth from
us, to save us from
ourselves —

strange, this word, movement
its only option, returning to
where it began —

this word without time, without
place, this word without choices, this
world without choices: revolution

a fist that wraps a fist,
a voice that echoes a voice: revolution,
once more around the sun —


For the year that ended, for the year that has begun, for revolutions that have ended, for revolutions that have just begun. And for Earth Weal – Brendan’s brand new portal for “The poetry of a changing earth”. Be sure to check it out and participate. Have a wonderful new year, poets and readers. May the new year bring a lot more poetry to our lives.

26 thoughts on “Once more around the sun

  1. To revolve, revolt, revolution, absolution. If the time line we cross is artificial, there is only the continuous looping and fading out. Thus fist in fist, we find no absolution. I especially like the elision of world and word.


  2. Revolution takes on a new meaning – I wonder who and what powers are in battle. Nature versus man, man vs man. It’s my hope that we will continue to revolve into another day where there is light somewhere in the world.

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  3. “To save the earth from us,” therein lies the seemingly insurmountable problem. “While we cross an artificial border…” a familiar theme. BTW I love the title.


  4. How oddly the word pairs with both turning round once again and exploding forth with something new — maybe not, now that I think about it, but “revolution” here remains staunch in its two senses, allowing a duple mind for where we are now. When there is no choice, we can only turn toward the sun and break wide. Thanks so for bringing this to earthweal. A fond farewell to the Industrial Revolution and eager eyes toward what’s next.


    1. Revolution, dissent, rebellion – everywhere you look in the world, there are people on the streets trying to claim their lives and rights back. And yet, the problems now will seem insignificant once the climate issues precipitate, entangle and create bigger ones. The earth too will try to reclaim its life and rights.


  5. One year ends, the next begins and the world goes crazy with joy, until Day 2 when they realize nothing changed, in fact things got a whole lot worse. The earth revolves, but history goes backwards.


  6. To save the earth from us, and us from ourselves, that is the dilemma, along with “leaders” in denial or criminal disregard. Sigh. Love your poem. Loving this gathering of voices.


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