As you read this

As you read this (that’s right, set a timer, how
long will it take you to get to the end?), things

are happening, things you’d rather not know
about. Some will make it to the morning paper,

some will instantly appear online – things that will
make you gasp, make you rage, make you turn

away, make you draw safe boundaries around
yourself. We are little moving parts of an

inconsistent whole, moving because staying still
is not an option – little life particles, little human

particles, little nation particles, little quanta of
giant paradoxes that shift and struggle. How long

has it been? A moment? Two? Because things have
changed. One more particle trampled underfoot

as a stampede of littleness hurtled, inevitably,
towards another non-existent doorway.


18 thoughts on “As you read this

  1. There is no doorway? Oh, dear! And I thought all these changes were preparing me for stepping over the threshold into a room where I’ve never been before.


  2. Change tends to occur every passing hour, every minute and every second.. I sometimes shudder when I watch the news or read the newspaper.. sigh … this is incredibly potent, Rajani.


  3. It seems slow and inevitable, and rapid as this hurtling poem showing the infinity and mortality of each second. Wow. You observe the profundity and paradox of living in time.


  4. In the midst of all the swirling, horrifying changes, I see nature, faithfully moving through her cycles, despite everything we have done to her. It leaves me in awe – and pain, that we have treated her so poorly for all her gifts. An awesome poem, Rajani.


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