Poetry Tuesday in November

On all four Tuesdays this November, I invite you to share you poems, meet other poets and discuss all things poetry.

These are the broad themes you can explore each week:


05 Nov Old Age, history, evolution, geology, childhood, yesterday, nostalgia, rust, wisdom – whichever direction you want to take this!
12 Nov New Something current – something in the news – local or global – that matters – to you, to all of us! Include a link to the actual news item, if you think it necessary.
19 Nov Borrowed Share a poem that speaks to you, say why you honour that poet/poem– let any aspect of the poem (form or theme, title or phrase) inspire you.
26 Nov Blue The sky, the sea, the mood, sapphires, ink – blue is where poems begin.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Share a link to your poem (Text, video, audio) at the ‘Poetry Tuesday’ link each week
  • Discuss, comment, add value!
  • Poems shared in November will be compiled into a PDF at the end of the month and be available for free download on this blog (you should have shared at least 2 poems here during the month)
  • Include these hashtags when you share your work on Instagram or twitter: #PoetryTuesday #thotpurge


See you here for the first #PoetryTuesday on Nov 5th!


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