Five blog years…

Five years is a long, long time! More than anything, I feel grateful. For everything this blog has generated: poet-friends from around the world, hours of joy from reading and writing poetry, 3 chapbooks, 1 book – everything started with that first post on 25th Oct, 2014.

To every single person who stopped here to read a poem: Thank You! 

Anyway, here’s where we are now:


Water to Water– my poetry collection- is available on Amazon.
Two of my chapbooks can be freely downloaded from the blog.




The PDF of my new chapbook ‘On turning 50’ is available on request.




In November, I will host poetry sharing on Tuesdays – more details on prompts and participation soon. See you on the poetry trail!

9 thoughts on “Five blog years…

  1. Thanks you 4 years op poetry amazing. It’s quality that counts. I already blog for 12 years but only part time lol So maybe with the same output as you do lol Congratulations and keep going


  2. Congrats once again! And thanks to you too for the gift of words. I shall be on the lookout for your poetry sharing, even though I can’t commit to participation. I love writing to prompts but right now I simply can’t keep up due to time constraints. But I’ll be reading.😊


    1. Here’s the deal though – I’m putting out the prompts on Monday for all four Tuesdays, so hopefully you will have ample time to squeeze at least a couple of poems in! Fingers crossed!! 🙂

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