Or does darkness?

A wall to the right of the empty bed, concrete
blocks and wood that feel the first desperation
of night. To the left a window where dawn’s
seduction begins. Does light pick a side first
or does darkness? As usual, evening is the
arbiter of arguments over illumination. It was
evening when you left. It is evening while I
wait. Evening that is neither light nor dark.
Evening that pronounces: the moon is neither
empty nor full, neither real nor imagined, the
moon both is and isn’t. Is such a moon not
borne? Is such a moon not a chant? Is the
moon first light or first dark? Why then can’t
you bear absence? When can’t you speak
of love? Are they not moon crust? Why then
can’t you forgive this infidel flicker of love?


To all you poets:  Am going to be writing theme-based poetry every Tuesday starting 5th November. Do let me know if you’d like to share your poems (spoken or written), discuss and critique all things poetry.  More details soon! 


26 thoughts on “Or does darkness?

  1. Ah-mazing, this turning to and from the wall and the window, this interrogation of moon! I find myself speechless in front of the materiality of love and Light, of the infidel flicker–and sometimes, even, the choice of darkness. (I too, look forward to thematic Tuesdays!)


    1. Thank you, Susan! Glad you liked this one. And Yay! Will be so great to see you on Tuesdays as well! Thank you for following the blog- will put out some thoughts soon!


  2. One can perceive the desperate, intense feel through out till the end. The effect of ‘infidel flicker of love’. The most amazing part is the evening, methinks. Brilliant, as always.
    Will wait for the 5th of Nov 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! And am so glad you will share your poetry on 5th Nov. I think it will be fun to compile all the shared poems at the end of each month, maybe. But more details later! Hope you follow my blog so you can get updates.


  3. I love the way you play with light and dark in this poem, Rajani. I especially enjoyed the lines:
    ‘…To the left a window where dawn’s
    seduction begins. Does light pick a side first
    or does darkness?’
    So many questions! Why can’t this infidel flicker of love be forgiven?


  4. I think darkness hides away whereas light is a show off and finds many places to expose herself. When she sees me she beams with delight! What a delightful poem this and set my mind into humanizing the two!


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