28 thoughts on “Russo

  1. Oh, I think I got deflected by the Tuesday prompts and forgot to comment here! It is, as others have said, a brilliant poem – and very affecting. Those simple repetitions (and variations) add up to a haunting picture!


  2. All the half-things draw me into this notebook and the transformation of a homeless person into an owl poeticizing the moon. And Russo. So sad, and the images lifts it up to tragedy.


  3. It is good to find a poet experimenting with his style of poetry. When I worked in a city I often saw homeless drifters begging for money (with ot without dogs who were usually well behaved) and this has prompted a few city based stories of mine in the past.


    1. Thanks so much, Sarah. I think I will always wonder how hearing the word avant-garde in a fusion music concert would result in this poem – poetry works in funny ways!


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