Let’s wonder about other things

I question the transience of the past. I question its
existence. Doesn’t the past exist, even after it
doesn’t? Isn’t the present, the after-life of the past —
the ghostly chill that shimmers, feet-less, around
graves, in the moonlight? I struggle with tenses. We
made love. Fervent love. Now that love is an
apparition in white. Or we are. Verbs transmogrify
into waiting. Love resurrects in a purgatory of its
own creation. Let’s wonder about other things —
things we told each other, things we told ourselves,
things that were never true. What happens to lies
when they cross time-fences? How will the unreal
survive its not-being? You tell me. I can feel your
fingers scorch my skin. I tell myself I am dreaming.
I tell myself reality undid itself that night. You
tell me which tense it is – that unspoken goodbye?

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34 thoughts on “Let’s wonder about other things

  1. I really like this piece. The present as only a ghost of past moments. How do we lay it to rest? Can we do that? Must we always drag its remnants with us? All these questions and more…


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  2. Only water words poured by a poet can get here, seeping beyond time into the vaster reservoir beyond where love and eternity are limitless — Tortured way to applaud maybe but your enquiries matter and endure.


  3. Wow, this is wonderful. It speaks to all the things a person could wonder about in regard to the end of a love…the way a relationship was built and the way a relationship unraveled. And oh yes, the unspoken good-bye is a powerful conclusion to this poem!


  4. Good question poetically posed. I remember when I got married thinking “married” had the word die and dead right in it and that it was more an ing word: marrying, ongoing.


  5. We are told to learn from the past amd so we should, for mistakes are often seen afterthe event but sadly we are a species these days that consider profit first before protection of the Earth’s seas, lands, forests,and wildlife so long as a good profit can be made. Soon those with all the money will consider their fellow humans as animals too…good luck with that.


  6. Love it. Impactful, compelling lines of poetry. ‘Isn’t the present, the after-life of the past’ … that will stay with me, I know.


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