We talk peace

They tell stories- toys pulled out of rubble, burnt
trucks, body bags — we tremble a little, pull the
covers closer. This is the new normal. Our way.
Our destiny. We are not gods. We did not come
with answers hieroglyphed on our thighs. Our
sins are our humanness. We talk peace even as
our factories spew arms. We talk about saving
ourselves even as we bleed the earth. We smile,
we nod even as we cross our fingers behind us.
We build new temples. We bow to new powers.
Information floods into our souls through our
fingertips. Still, on the day of judgement, we will
lie. We will say we let it happen because it was
not our choice. We did not know. It is our way.
Our destiny. We will reach out, fingertips stained
with the price of our apathy. Our make-believe
gods more omnipresent than the war stained sky.


For the midweek prompt at Poets United: “peace”



43 thoughts on “We talk peace

  1. Amen. We have done, we do all of this as if there is no tomorrow, but we all know there is; and we all know it will not be a pretty tomorrow; and we all know it’s already here but we refuse to see it.

    Brilliant work, this. Salute!


  2. Humanity (and goodness gracious, even the label seems an oxymoron these days) has a lot to answer for. And as your poem suggests, the answering is rarely honest (or believed to be fair).


  3. I swear it will be absolute chaos on the day of judgement and like you said .. most of us will say “we let it happen because it was not our choice.”


  4. These days it’s all talk and not much else when it comes to peace, Rajani. The picture you’ve painted of the toys, burnt truck and body bags has become a familiar one in newspapers and on television news. We do everything you’ve written about in this incredible poem and our only excuse is that we’re human.


  5. If only I knew what to do! I am not blind, not powerless, but have no “answers hieroglyphed on our thighs.” Every image in this poem wants quoting. Your poem is an urgent bell, resounding through our inner and outer landscapes.


  6. I fear many are sleep walking and one day they will wake up to the harsh reality of life. I see you have a book coming out. It must be a very exciting time for you as a poet. Congratulations!


  7. I feel bludgeoned by this poem, bludgeoned into a painful state of awareness. The words are difficult to read, but true. Thank you, from my gasping heart.


  8. Sadly humanity has got too big for the boots we wear so now we are the detritus that must be swept away as we are so cruel and care little for all the other living things let alone the planet itseft which needs tender loving care. We see signs of climate change but ignore it thinking that is not our responsibility, for what have melting icecaps to do with us?! The elephants and lions and other species are dying out…so what? Well…because we are next in line!


  9. The human race has gone off course in do many important ways Rajani, and the results can be dangerous in so many ways. If we don’t accept responsibility, and in so foing, seek solution – we will be past the tipping point.


  10. For someone who does not usually get poetry, this one I got! I’ve tried to live by considering that we humans have “evolved”, your poem just articulated just how wrong I have been in my thinking…yet I remain optimistic…afterall man lives on hope! Kudos for awakening my sense of appreciation of poetry!

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