25 thoughts on “One earth. One sky.

  1. Lovers often find a way to let their feelings expand and take up all the room available in the time and space they have.


  2. “A single ney/follows his breath”: That captures this longing for ‘the one’ so well β€” I love how effortlessly you have emulated the Sufi elements and made them your own in this language and motif. The ending question is for the ages! Wonderful!

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    1. Thanks so much, Anmol. Though it is faraway Tao I am reading, the ideas can only transform the close and the familiar into words. So the concepts distance themselves from the source and embrace the target!


  3. By entering into the moment so whole-heartedly as to become one with the moment? But even such a moment cannot continue indefinitely in this world of time – so then, I suppose, by repeating the moment? Beautiful poem, regardless.


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