25 thoughts on “One earth. One sky.

  1. By entering into the moment so whole-heartedly as to become one with the moment? But even such a moment cannot continue indefinitely in this world of time – so then, I suppose, by repeating the moment? Beautiful poem, regardless.


  2. “A single ney/follows his breath”: That captures this longing for ‘the one’ so well β€” I love how effortlessly you have emulated the Sufi elements and made them your own in this language and motif. The ending question is for the ages! Wonderful!

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    1. Thanks so much, Anmol. Though it is faraway Tao I am reading, the ideas can only transform the close and the familiar into words. So the concepts distance themselves from the source and embrace the target!


  3. Lovers often find a way to let their feelings expand and take up all the room available in the time and space they have.


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