Doorway of darkness


From the womb of mystery, everything
was birthed. That energy emboldens
the ocean, that fecundity fans the wind,
that weight holds up the gods. Light burst
from a doorway of darkness. Love emerged
at last from a contraction of blinding pain.



Drawing of a woman with melancholy expression: Raja Ravi Varma
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26 thoughts on “Doorway of darkness

  1. Curiously I have always thought that the fantastic birthing of children by women is overlooked by men who even avoid such occasions thinking they’re not needed. I am really glad that I was able to be there at the birth of my first daughter being a helper for the midwife. Every father should be delighted to experience such an event.


    1. Such a lovely thing to say!!! Thanks, Sarah. A fabulous muse.. I have managed to write 26 so far. Am looking forward to your book- is there a launch date yet?


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