Just to be


The moon brings its fullness to fit
into the small of your eye. To blink
would be sacrilege. Would be to
count its failings. Is there a greater
love, a higher love? To seek love is
blasphemy. Your job is just to be.


Lady in the Moon Light: Raja Ravi Varma (1889)
Writing 6-line poems inspired by the Tao Te Ching. Also posting on instagram @tp_poetry
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25 thoughts on “Just to be

  1. “Your job is just to be” love that and how the moon brings its fullness to fit in the small of your eye..


  2. These compact six lines capture so much — I am enthralled by the idea that to seek love is blasphemy in this environ and picture. I so appreciate the Ravi Varma pairing here as well.


    1. Thanks Anmol… it is an inspiration from an interpretation of perhaps a translation…so it left Tao behind long ago. But yes, love can’t be forced, can it? It comes when it comes..or not.


  3. It is amazing to me how much profundity can be packed into so few lines.

    That is so stress-relieving to me — to read that it’s okay to just be.


  4. “To blink would be sacrilege,” oh that is such a passionate thought.. a brilliant image! Thank you so much for this beautiful poem, Rajani! ❤️

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