All The Things

all the things broken, things we broke,
we connect with words
see that row of body bags
see that crying child, another, another,
our poetry is knitting them together
later when it snows
we will wrap our toes in long sentences
and tell ourselves it will be a white Christmas,
see that person kneeling
see that extended hand, another, another,
we have prayers and chants to exalt them
later when it rains
we will cover our heads with ellipses
and tell ourselves it will be spring soon,
even the graves
will be buried
under the wild flowers.


39 thoughts on “All The Things

  1. As a writer, words are the healing ecosystem, grieving, releasing, connecting, reforging, renaming, opening doors again. I can’t say it isn’t self-narcosis–what do the dead care of our utterance?–but what else are we going to do with this fragile breaking world?


    1. Thanks so much for picking up the “ellipses” reference… the words, if they do come, are inadequate and mostly just self-satisfying, I think. The world, meanwhile, goes on with its innumerable horrors.


  2. The opening and the closing lines of this piece are really brilliant – and truly insightful. For some reason it reminded me of broken relationships in my family that are repackaged and sputter on. I think it speaks to all the things we break, but which we cannot leave behind (for whatever reason) and so we ‘doll them up’ and cover them with words.


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