Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #29

Micropoetry MonthWith just one more day left, Micropoetry Month pulls away to a bittersweet end. Writing everyday was pleasure and pain. Was joy and angst. Was exhilarating and draining. Was necessary and random. Was everything poetry is. And isn’t.

I have a short poem today inspired by a Midweek prompt at Poets United If you haven’t visited the group, be sure you will always find great poems to read, much to learn and new friends to make.

I wait outside the temple gate,
my feet shackled by my disbelief
to the nothingness,
my questions cast down into the dirt
like glass marbles,
the urchins run up to play with them
shooting one into another
letting them explode into a thousand universes,
one was carried away
in a small, grubby hand
through the carved double doors,
my question going where I
would not, where I could not,
its innocent eyes daring me
to follow,
like an answer.

Share your poem using comments or Mister Linky. And stay tuned for the final  Micropoetry Month post tomorrow!!!


24 thoughts on “Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #29

  1. Your poetry is always so rich, and the words come from someone so well-read that there is always more to find. But more important, I never see a word wasted, or an expression thrown in to fill a gap. That shows also sincerity, which I think is perhaps what is most important in a poet. Without it, well, it is a question of mechanics.
    Enjoyed the read. I do enjoy the unexpected turns in your expressions.


  2. This is so wonderfully and achingly deep!💕 Especially love; “my question going where I would not, where I could not, its innocent eyes daring me to follow, like an answer.” *swoon*💕


  3. I’m hearing that twilight music….Schrodingers cat ,quarks…I am getting a whiff of quantum physics and the scientist here.It has just occured to me that I may have bonded with a quark…the reason I have had so many problems:)

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  4. Gorgeous! Perhaps we are shackled to the nothingness only so long as we resist it. I love that image. And also the the marble game. Quakers use queries in much the same way–shoot out and shatter and quite often go where we should dare to follow.

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  5. Innocence (of a child) is always be the best approach to religion. It is only when the adults get their hands on it, do they try to turn it into something that will benefit them – in the way they want it. Leave it to an urchin to teach us the depth of spirituality.

    I love shooting marbles. We have a bag of them somewhere, cause I used to play with my son all the time.

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  6. Ah – “my questions going where they would not” is the line that stays with me in your poem. So often this is what questions do – if we allow ourselves to ask them. Though I did not participate in your poetry month, it was a good idea….and I enjoyed reading some of the fine poems that resulted. You are indeed a talented poet!

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  7. I feel like the urchin taking the glass marble and watching the thousands universes. It was a really enjoyable journey of poetry Rajani. Read so many beautiful poems for your prompt. Tomorrow is a busy day for me. Hope I am able to write for the last day. Ha I never thought I’d be able to write a Ghazal. So thanks to you.

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    1. Thanks so much.. I am delighted to have survived the challenge to do this every single day! The link will remain open, so swing by when you can. This was so much fun and I Ioved reading all your poems! 🙂


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