Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #26

Micropoetry MonthI’ve never attempted a cinquain before. I had to look up the rules and found that the original form developed by Adelaide Crapsey expected a seemingly unmanageable accentual stress rule as well as a syllabic pattern. I am writing this just as a 22 syllable poem following the challenging 2/4/6/8/2 pattern. I think this will be an exciting form once I figure out the best way to use the opening and closing two-syllable lines! Here’s my attempt- the theme today is love!


the hush
at summer’s end
when fireflies stoke the burn
the moon melts into liquid heat
with us


in the morning
I can love with reason
but the night succumbs to the stars


feel it
the angry wind
the hungry lick of rain
the storm that wraps our nakedness


your poetry
like morning dew on grass
does it know those secrets of love
I don’t

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57 thoughts on “Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #26

  1. That was beautiful, but what a challenge. You people must be crazy to try something like this, I’m amazed. I can barely get a haiku out. I see my friend B is above me, I’d better go read his.

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  2. always impressed how the form never seems to get in the way of your imaginative flow:
    “when fireflies stoke the burn” – singed in my memory that one!

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