Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #13

Micropoetry MonthSome ekphrastic poetry today.  Add to the thousand words the picture already says! Find an image that inspires you and write about it using any form of micropoetry. Share your poem using comments or Mister Linky.

This poem was just published at  Visual Verse (Chapter 1 of Vol 5, Nov 2017).


I haggled like a regular
at a Turkish bazaar,
who pays top rate
for used things anyway,
see that verdigris
inching around the bottom?
He gave it to me in the end
in an oily brown paper bag,
the smell of the past
still trapped in it.
It wasn’t until later,
the wine still warm in my hand,
the moon in my throat,
that I let the tears fall.
After all, alone can be lonely
even in the company
of a battered
half-price soul.


21 thoughts on “Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #13

  1. And here’s Rukeyser on the topic, moving to a surprisingly divergent – dare we say victorious – ending:

    The motive of all of it was loneliness,
    All the panic encounters and despair
    Were bred in fear of the lost night, apart,
    Outlined by pain, alone. Promiscuous
    as mercy. Fear-led and led again to fear
    At evening toward the cave where part fire, part
    Pity lived in that voluptuousness
    To end one and begin another loneliness.

    This is the most intolerable motive: this
    Must be given back to life again,
    Made superhuman, made human, out of pain
    Turned to the personal, the pure release:
    The rings of Plato and Homer’s golden chain
    Or Lenin with his cry of Dare We Win.


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