Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #10

Micropoetry MonthFirst of all, I thank all of you who shared poems yesterday on the topic of Domestic abuse. Important, visceral, chilling poems from around the world. I hope it helps those in need to know that other voices stand with them.

Try some free verse today, keeping it down to whatever size you think is appropriate for “micropoetry”. Share through the comments section or Mister Linky.

The New Normal

alliterative mornings,
the same brittle consonants crunch
between the yellow teeth of dawn,
you tell me the sameness is comforting
like housebroken emotions,
over and over until you can
barely separate the pain from
the hum of the radio.
I eye the solitary cloud,
no, yesterday too it was
a nondescript blur.


16 thoughts on “Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #10

  1. I guess that is what normalcy looks like. It’s the same for everybody i suppose. Only in different forms.
    Nicely penned☺

    I wrote an ‘Ode’ today…who knew there was one in me. Lol.


    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth. We let a certain bland banality set into our lives, for so many reasons, but it can become malignant … though I recently heard a friend say he wants that unwavering routine to feel normal. Who knows!


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