Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #6

Micropoetry MonthThree years ago I started writing Poetweets mainly because I wanted to tweet my poems. The name has been used before and afterwards to mean many things but to me poetweets were just 140 character long poems (including spaces and punctuation).

Seems like a good time to resurrect the form. Try a poetweet or any other form of micropoetry and share it via comments or Mister Linky.


who will come out
to defend this sun?

we who like the moon
for its folly
of transience?

how else
can we hope for love
on the darkest nights?


driving home
from the graveyard,
on roads that knew her
better than I did,
that let her find her own path,
that stayed,

unlike her daughter.


takes another step
artificial intelligence,
the better human is a machine,

the perfect cat
and crow have already
been made.


20 thoughts on “Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #6

  1. The second poem especially spoke to me. My 93 year old mother-in-law lives alone on a farm, her children flung far and wide. She claims the only way she will leave is in a casket. We visit and feel guilt, but there’s nothing to keep any of her 3 children there. A beautiful poem, Rajani.

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    1. Thanks Sarah. It’s such a tough decision. For her to live alone and for the children to make a living and live their lives. I see some of my senior friends going it alone for various reasons, some with the means to pay for assistance, some without…it’s really hard.


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