Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #2

Micropoetry Month A quadrille (44 word poem) and a haiku on this second day of November! And yes, the monsoon is still on my mind and in my soaked shoes! After a record breaking season, the retreating NE monsoon seems to have more to say.

Join the party with your own micropoem- in the comments section or using Mister Linky. There are no rules- whatever the muse whispers!


somewhere an autumn
tumbles through the space
between bough and earth,
shrouding the sins of summer,
but what do I know of fall,
here the rain collects in
cloud coloured puddles,
the sky is giving way,
my face wears the mask
of improbable winters.


a requiem half-remembered
an autumn-winged bird
contradicts the monsoon sky


30 thoughts on “Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #2

  1. Such a beautiful poem…the sins of summer! and now winter awaits. I am trying to find time to post but may have to catch up after work on the weekend. Autumn gloom has arrived, not only the skies predict doom but our callers on our helpline are in pain.

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  2. Hello Rajani, Hello to all

    I am join in. After reading yours I have to go do some research on that form and give it a try. This is spectular. Awesome imagery : ) looking forward to the rest of the month,I hope to stay inspired: )


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  3. Really like the idea of “shrouding the sins of summer”, provokes an avalanche of imagery. Hope you don’t mind that I’ve chosen to go my own way. Didn’t know until yesterday that I would even attempt this. The idea of micropoetry just sort of caught my fancy and seems to have turned into a conversation with myself. Can only hope that it actually goes somewhere.



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    1. Am delighted you’re going your way…pulling those stray thoughts together! The point you’ve made today is one that begs more questions and introspection from the reader. Thanks so much for joining in! See you tomorrow!!


  4. I like the rains collecting in cloud coloured puddles. Here our puddles are murky, thick with dust. 🙂 Great write up, Rajani. trying my hands at the quadrille too. Thank you for this fine art form. 🙂

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    1. Oh yes we have those as well..especially where it collects in potholes 🙂 You’ve written a splendid quadrille. I learnt about the form from Bjorn Rudberg at Dverse Poets, they run quadrille and haibun prompts on alternate Mondays.

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  5. Absolutely wonderful, Rajani! I especially love the autumnal quadrille. My favourite lines are:
    tumbles through the space
    between bough and earth’
    ‘my face wears the mask
    of improbable winters’.

    I have responded with a very different quadrille of my own. See you tomorrow!

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  6. “but what do I know of fall,
    here the rain collects in”…..Ugh, only the sufferers know. However now in Bengal the sun (absolutely a 19C lady) is out, & not without the ashen veil. The end haiku is beautiful. Posted mine, Rajani 🙂


  7. Love these, Rajani. Our seasons are so different. Here the leaves are nearly gone and the air is carrying a bite. It has been a beautiful fall. I hate to see it coming to an end. I’ve taken on a different challenge for November. I am teaching a class in Flash Fiction, and found a site giving a prompt a day for the month, so I’ve decided to join in, since my head is in that medium. But I promise to read yours and get inspired. Who knows… The flash may turn to prose poems and then get back to poetry before the end.

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    1. Thank you, here we got a couple of weeks of sunshine and the trees are in glorious bloom…different indeed!!! Flash fiction sounds terrific Sarah…would love to read your prose!! A busy month ahead!!!

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