Wounds of your Birth

when the worlds collided
you rose from the pain,

rending the sky,
your jagged seams

filling with silver balm,
only the moon daring to soothe,

running her fingers
over the wounds of your birth,

drowning in your scarred umbilicus;
sagarmāthā, don’t you feel it now,

under you the earth still throbs,
the earth still remembers,

listen to her today,
she tries to sing you back into her womb,

her lullaby is washed away again
by your endless tears.

Sagarmāthā is the Nepali name for Mount Everest. The Himalayas were formed by the collision of tectonic plates.

30 thoughts on “Wounds of your Birth

  1. Beautiful (as usual) Rajani. And you may have given me a way into a poem I have been trying to write about Denali, a mountain I visited 2 years ago in Alaska. I have the first 2 lines, and then became immobilized by trying to describe a grandeur that was so overpowering that I couldn’t get my arms — or words — around it. You came from the inside out, and succeeded. A very powerful poem! Thank you.

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  2. I like the image of sagarmāthā crying as it is high enough to observe what is happening all over the world and shedding tears for all it sees, but is powerless to do anything about it.


  3. Again and again I see earth as a whole and in these specific places as mother, birthing, grieving and child, hurting, continuing–and here your words make this visual and dramatic and intimate as well. O moon, thank you.


  4. Ah beautiful loved these lines
    “filling with silver balm,
    only the moon daring to soothe”
    I work with a young man from Nepal and he showed me some beautiful photos.
    My brother went there as well when he was young. An amazing place


  5. “…the earth still throbs, the earth remembers…..” I read this again after reading your note about the Himalayas. By now, the earth must be clogged with unshed tears. Loved your poem to the great mountains.


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