Of Dying Alone

Happy to share another poem published on Quiet Letter.



42 thoughts on “Of Dying Alone

  1. Your poetry is well-deserving of wider publication. The prose poetry has a timeless quality, the thoughts in monologue convey a range of emotions. It is a piece I can relate to very well.


  2. When it hung on the nail behind the door, he was shrunken, diminished, swallowed by loud kitchen voices, rambunctious brass and copper pots, their warm bottoms patterned with soot;………….A really good read, I so enjoyed this stanza. And congrats’ on having your wrok punblished, quite exciting for you.


  3. It’s the strangers erasing my fingerprints that disturbs me when I think of my own death, so I have considered divesting myself of everything before I die. However, let’s be realistic: Death will probably catch me unawares, and all that I possess will be left for someone else to paw through. It really won’t be my problem, though, will it? 😉


  4. SO true! I map my life in this apartment, write in books, wonder how much to pass on before I leave, dog-ear days to remember and share them with the moon who is always coming and going in searh of some other sun. I’m keeping this one. It’s a wonderful site! And you see in marvelous ways.

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