On the Edge of Cabo da Roca

sitting where the land ends
the Atlantic sloshing beneath our feet
liquid possibility in a bottomless cup
swapping myths about love struck queens
half maiden half snake
about cities built on seven hills
half devout knee half exalted head
and the first ships that found their way
to a place you call my home;

the sea here is a different blue
mixed with the light from another sky
we measure distance in two languages
physics tangles with etymology
on the edge of Cabo da Roca
and unreason flattens the smiling curve
of your far horizon;

this is why we journey
so the sea can sink and the earth
can join its hands for a moment
saluting the sun
so the ocean starts or ends
depending on where I sit
the brine blue in my veins
depending on how the tail of the sky
coils around its golden throne
depending on where I come from
a place you call my home

Cabo da Roca, Portugal: Western edge of mainland Europe.  So interesting that the word for boat/ship in Portuguese is nao and in Hindi, naav. 

18 thoughts on “On the Edge of Cabo da Roca

  1. You have created this space in such a way that the reader can engage with the moment – my feet in the Atlantic, my back to the land, the future lies before me.
    Another amazing poem from your pen.


  2. WOW! That photo of Portugal is stunning. I had no idea it was so beautiful. A friend is going there next January. Lucky her. Your poem is full of beautiful imagery, as always. I especially like that light from another sky.


    1. Thanks Sherry… the coastline and beaches are lovely but Lisbon is wonderful to explore as a city. And there is all the history of the discoveries and the spice trade…. I have pictures up on instagram if you’re there….


  3. This is pure delight, Thot. It’s infused with a taste of home (of every reader’s home), while at the same time leaving no doubt of how specific this poem is to the speaker. And the imagery is a thing of wonder.


    1. Was there recently… there’s quite a bit of history relating to the discovery of the sea route to India from Europe by Vasco da Gama and Goa being a Portuguese colony for a while…


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