A Search With Words

Pleased to say that one of my poems was published on Quiet Letter today.








48 thoughts on “A Search With Words

      1. Thank you… have never seriously sent out poems to magazines before.. still trying to work out the system! They all want poems never published before, not even on blogs..so to write and hold on to poems is quite a challenge!!!!


  1. Just beautiful, Rajani. I see that you said above that it was not autobiographical. I had hoped it was, as I always enjoy learning a bit about a poet through their words. In any event, it really gives a strong picture of this grandfather figure…I enjoyed it very much. And congratulations on being published as well. Smiles!

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  2. Congratulations, Rajani, on being published, but especially for writing such a beautiful, evocative poem. You brought him to life, and I saw his face, laughing, with one eye leaking tears………..wow.

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  3. Congratulations, Rajani! I love the form of your poem and particularly enjoyed: ‘The idiom of childhood seeps into this borrowed lexicon, like the leaky roof drawing patches on the wall smelling of another rain’; and ‘I search for him with words in a language he never spoke…but cannot translate the way his whole body shook, the way the sea trickled out of one eye’.


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