On The Rough Road

Several months ago, I followed a month long haiku prompt list at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai based on Basho’s travelogue “Oku no Hosomichi”, hosted by  

I’ve compiled my responses along with some new haiku and prose into a piece I call “On the Rough Road”.  You can find it here in PDF form or through the widget on the sidebar.





34 thoughts on “On The Rough Road

  1. That’s just wonderful, Rajani. I love both your haiku and your prose, and I think you have caught and echoed the simplicity and profundity of Basho’s own.

    I notice it may not be stored in a retrieval system without permission. Are you, via the link, giving your readers permission to download to their own computers? (I would like to keep a copy in my iBooks for future reference, just for my own use.) Or would you prefer us only to read it online?

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    1. Thanks so much. Please feel free to download it. Delighted that you would want to. A lot of it is on the blog in different forms. Appreciate so much that you asked. All I want is that readers link back to it if they ever use any of the contents.


  2. A most classic effort, Thots Rajani! Very much professional in the presentation just right for publication. The idea is to have them compiled for posterity rather than left in blogosphere and left into oblivion otherwise. Well done!



    1. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement Hank. I agree, it is up to us not to leave them hanging in the archives, but compile as best we can, so hopefully someone will read and remember.


  3. What a wonderful compilation, Rajani! Truly wonderful work. I agree with Rosemary, you have captured and reflected the tone of Basho so beautifully. I like your haiku every bit as much as his. It is lovely to have both paired together in this form, with your narrative as well. A gorgeous piece of work. Thank you for sharing it.


    1. Thanks so much Sherry. Except for the introduction which references his haiku, all the rest are my attempts to follow the route he describes in his book. So glad you liked it.


  4. I’m not sure I understand, Rajani. Did you write the entire “On the Rough Road” or is it a compilation of Basho, you, and a historian? I skimmed and was impressed, but if it’s all you, I want to go back and read in a more leisurely fashion. Such riches.


    1. Basho’s book is the guide, so I’ve only narrated his journey, the rest of the haiku and text are mine, inspired by his travelogue. You can find his book online I think, it is called in Japanese Oku no Hosomichi. It is a travelogue interspersed with haiku, and I’ve used his travel and put in my thoughts and haiku. 🙂


    2. The book was broken up into sections and served as prompts on another site, which led to this. We read about his journey and his haiku and then wrote our own inspired by his work.


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