Picture Imperfect

in faded monochrome,
soap bubbles and balloons
straddling anachronistic creases,
remembered things in forgotten spaces,
faces lifted at awkward angles
to uncoloured joy,
eyes too dark, too bright,

the grey matte veil
shuddering for one unfiltered moment,
as if someone laughed,
or cried.

Quadrille: a 44 word poem
Linked to the Dverse Poets (Prompt: Balloon)

47 thoughts on “Picture Imperfect

  1. I love this. My favorite line is: “remembered things in forgotten spaces.” Perhaps because I’ve been pondering memory a lot lately working on my memoir, which is another example of something picture imperfect.


    1. Wow..that’s a direction I didn’t realise I was going!!! Thanks so much, poems resonate in so many different way, that’s what’s makes them so much fun, I guess!!


      1. Unfiltered moments are an interesting phenomena of true revelation and rare captures. I happen upon those in some of my photography. Interesting paradoxical moments in your poetry, like uncoloured joy. Enjoyed the read. โค


  2. Yes, I can see how soap bubbles and balloons can be ‘remembered things in forgotten spaces’, But that moment at the end with ‘the grey matte veil / shuddering for one unfiltered moment, / as if someone laughed, ‘or cried’ brought a tear to my eye.


  3. A dark tale, yet hopeful–where the B&W mundane memories, could bubble up from the cortical sinuous caverns where one finds /remembered things in forgotten places/; lovely.


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