10 thoughts on “Wind Song

  1. It took me a long while to comment. This haiku still renders me somewhat speechless.

    I am opening a new caf茅 soon and am looking at the haiku theme: could I put this haiku on the wall (probably on a board hanging from the ceiling) among other carefully selected ones from here and there? If this were possible I would be truly humbled. Of course I would prefer to attribute it to your name rather than blog name if possible, though would put a link to your blog on a probably separate board with short biography on each haiku artist selected.
    I would be humbled and honoured and fully understand if this is not possible.
    But I for one would never tire of reading haiku like this one on the wall.


    1. Thank you..am honoured..of course you can.. and do use my name as well..its on the about page of my blog and please do send me a picture when its ready, I’d love to visit if I’m ever in that part of the world!! All the very best for your new cafe!


      1. Thanks very much. Will get picture sent. I really appreciate that. If you come to Europe and do visit that is great! I woulf make an evening of it with the haiku group will put together. Speaking for my partner, for I am sure she eould agree, you would have a place to stay if you did come by of course.


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