Sign Here

the denouement springs upon me
an unwelcome lassitude,
a misshapen discontent smeared upon the gloaming,
fatigued questions
curling upon the trellis of night,
the dots under them huddling in lines,
sign here, they scream,
you have to agree,
this is how it ends.

Quadrille: a 44 word poem
Linked to the Dverse Poets (Prompt: spring)

28 thoughts on “Sign Here

  1. Some heavy duty metaphoric meandering here; really like the darkness, the poetic rant & smirk, letting spring be an action rather than just a season, I like the line /a misshapen discontent smeared upon the gloaming/.


  2. Wow! An interesting and different take on the prompt, with that ‘misshapen discontent smeared upon the gloaming’ and the dots ‘huddling in lines’. Yes, this is how it ends..


  3. Hmmm thanks for taking me on a nightmare and waking me up with
    “you have to agree,
    this is how it ends.”
    I’m not sure of your intention but it worked for me.


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