there are sounds that should never be born,
the wail of a mother burying a child,
the giggle of an underage bride on her wedding night,
gunfire, slamming doors, the falling away of a hug,
the screaming quiet of loneliness,

eyes quickly looking away.

Quadrille: a 44 word poem
Linked to the Dverse Poets (Prompt: Giggle)

54 thoughts on “Dissonance

  1. A thoughtful write and with your usual eloquence.If the bride did not giggle nervously perhaps we would never have known? Nada Brahma is a phrase i love..The World is Sound.


  2. Poetry that makes one think about the dissonant things in life is important. You mentioned a few very powerfully, especially using the word giggle in a very unexpected way.

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  3. Nah.. my
    friEnd.. noThing
    Giggles about
    and religiousized rape..
    dress up owning people
    as cattle in any color
    other than
    all that’s
    left is slave labor
    in all the ways that liVes
    as less than liFe can and
    WiLL Be..FReeDoM NoW..:)

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  4. Wow! That was completely unexpected and so powerful, particularly ‘the falling away of a hug, /
    the screaming quiet of loneliness, / eyes quickly looking away. Sucker punch!.


  5. Very powerful write …. you’ve managed admirably to avoid falling into the trap that the word giggle creates – that of lightness – which would otherwise have undone a serious theme. Nice work.


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