Or Yours

a world framed in binaries,
with us or against us,
my word or yours,
my gun or yours,
my god or yours-
I climb higher to see,
climb a tree of bleeding ether,
growing between love and hate,
standing between will and fate,
to see an earth and a sky,
neither far nor near,
neither there nor here,
an earth and a sky,
impaled on the purple horizon,
like two silent wings
of a broken butterfly,
my life or yours,
my word or yours,

my world or yours.

43 thoughts on “Or Yours

  1. Beautifully stated, Rajani. It seems the sensations of being are most exquisite when we hang in this delicate balance, yet climb higher instead of resorting to the push and pull…



  2. It is always easier if we accept differences but insisting there is a right way to exist so you must conform is wrong when no harm is done. In much of the western world that has been the norm up until now but a shadow has fallen and people are frightened.


  3. In many ways, I feel like your poem capsulizes the struggle, which the global trans-community must face, in finding acceptance, of who we are. Maybe, one day, humanity will realize, these labels mean nothing, if we hate each, because of ignorance.


    1. Am glad it resonates with your struggle.. inclusion, human rights and equality have to be supported all over the world. There simply cannot be any discrimination in this time and age.. Thanks Therisa.


  4. Ah, “the choosing” as we pick our way through life. The stuff of angst and anguish and yet – it seems it must be so. There is not much, in this life, that comes to us wrapped up with a bow.


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