Arachnid Whispers

claws I can understand, evil and piercing,
or venom or canine teeth,
but to spin a fine diaphanous trap,
such an agonising labour of love
that the moon shudders
as it moves through your silken lair,
but to kill when the prey
exults in soft temptation,
to lure to an unbecoming end
with beauty and delicate glimmer,
ah! your mind must be the crafty darkness
where my nightmares dare not rove,
your poems must be the malevolence
where my words refuse to go;

but hush sky! come closer now,
put your lips to my waiting ear,
aren’t you too a black spider,
your snare embossed with glittering stars,
and all the while you listen to my secrets
you wait for me to touch your glowing hair,
I am afraid of your loveliness now,
what lies behind your sweeping cape,
there’s nothing between whisper
and naked skin,
but to betray my trust
with your song still damp in my eyes,
but to wear your falsehood
after you stripped my disguise,
already, already my heart aches
for your devious web.


20 thoughts on “Arachnid Whispers

  1. You’ve woven horror with a sensual fascination in a way that is hard to forget. The imagery on this is wonderful, and you can feel the revulsion warring with desire in the protagonist.


  2. The fatefulness of passion is the fang inside the lover’s bite. There is no devouring without surrender. These lines rocked for me: “your poems must be the malevolence / where my words refuse to go;” That dances.


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