I am.

I am just consequence,
the ashes of a hundred births
heavy in my pack,
a silhouette made of mist,
fog braided into unpatterned thought,
I turn to see if I leave footprints
like the morning dew,
I hold out my hand to see
if it catches the soundless rain,
again the shadows fill with colour,
I know them, these shapes, these textures, your face,
I build my universe one more time,
the umbilical cord still tied to the emptiness,
there is nothing here
but reflections without mirrors,
nothing here but the outline of my desires,
I must leave now,
leave before the sunshine,
leave before the first shudder of wind,
leave and never return,
but what of your voice,
your voice made of smoke
from burning sandal sticks,
you voice that beckons softly,
your voice that is the moon melt
in my ear,
your voice that is both moth
and guilty flame,
your voice that keeps on
calling my name,
I am. Just consequence.


29 thoughts on “I am.

  1. And here is Muriel – we are on first-name terms now – from her poem “Body of Waking”:

    Blind go the days, but joy will see
    Agreements of music; they will wind
    The shaking of your dance; no more
    Will the ambiguous arm-waves spell
    Confusion of the blessing given.

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    1. Complex poem…but in the end she roots for love as real, starting at the end of fantasy, if I understood her at all. I suppose its all about unscrambling ambiguous arm waves in the firelight. What is real?

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        1. Poetry as a change agent..internal or external is a different experience for each person, I think. I wouldn’t knock the person who writes just because the ‘sterile word play’ is beautiful or just because there is the fragrance of gulmohars in the morning air. Not every word wants to change the world..some just reach out and hold it close, for a second. But she makes a powerful point, no doubt.

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  2. Sheezus this is good. Pouring water in a nearby room, ladled back with poetry. Everything measures and works and flows in a mindscape half memory and half longing. And leaves us with a result — “just consequence.” Perfect. (This would have been a great addition to the Voices challenge!)

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  3. your voice that keeps on
    calling my name,
    I am. Just consequence.

    There is that connection in the feelings of oneness. It may result in a stated situation of impacting on others.



  4. I love how your poem sings (and screams) of the battle that is the search of balance in relationships. There are always problems, the the good things tend to makes us wonder if the problems aren’t worth fighting.

    Love how the beginning is also the end, but not quite. 🙂

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