The Trouble with Tanka-5

today, the gibbous moon,
one silver breath short,
a wordless yearning-
how will dawn dare to break
when this night is unfinished?


another clap of thunder
then another
applauding the ravaged night,
behind the bamboo curtain she waits
her eyes already the pale morning after


the sky is splashed in soft pink
reflecting sakura blossoms
how the light plays tricks-
all those white clouds, empty cold,
like the space where you once slept

Fujiwara no Teika’s Tanka Technique 5: Lofty style –taketakaki tei – achieving grandeur and elevation.
The Trouble with Tanka -4 

13 thoughts on “The Trouble with Tanka-5

  1. The second one I hadn’t stunning.

    Rarely when oeople put a few of their pieces on a same page is the quality so consistently, it is. I think the magic of tanka has rubbed off on you. I wondet if you can find the sane passion witb haiku again.


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