Silent Fire

hollow boned thoughts
drifting on enjambed currents,
there, can you see that bruised feather
like a misspoken comma,
no, no, don’t say a word,
words fall like stones,
each letter lured by ancient gravity,
here, feel, feel where fingertips touch,
skin shivers and burns,
char turns to striated wing,
all that you are thinking now,
unyoked from sound,
floats in the heat of your breath,
don’t coil it into words, into poems,
buoyancy is the cold
secret, of an end-stopped silent


37 thoughts on “Silent Fire

  1. words fall like stone, it makes me wonder if the words carry too much weight, but then there is the weightless breath, does it matter what the words are if they don’t come from the heart? Just pondering thanks for the food for thought.


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