Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

how many mirrors
has this morning hung
everywhere I see my soul

like mirror shards
the morning dew falls
suddenly a thousand skies

my grandmother’s mirror
photoshopping my image
with her soft eyes

somedays the mirror
stretches a hand
to catch a falling tear

between me and the mirror
seven steps
seven presumptions

the sky is our mirror
you see the falling stars
I am bewitched by the moon

empty mirror
how much did I lose of myself
leaving you

the way we looked
before there were mirrors

hidden behind the mirror
all those reflections
before this

today the mirror
casts three reflections
asking me to choose

in his rearview mirror
he brings home
the waxing moon

then what saved Narcissus?
a ripple?
a tear?

three blackbirds
flying past the mirror
six pause

For Dverse Poets, inspired by ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’ by Wallace Stevens. ย My attempt is – Thirteen Ways of Looking in a Mirror. The blackbird reference is my tribute to his fabulous contemplation.

47 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

  1. Wonderful!! I especially love 8…just imagine a world without mirrors!! And I also love 11—what we see in the rear view mirror – the waxing moon…hmmmm think if we could see all our past within a rearview mirror….


  2. I love each poetic response Thotpurge ~ My favorites are 3 and 4 as now that I am getting older, I see mother and grandmother’s faces in the mirror ~ This is very well done, brava ~


  3. Love love love this, especially:
    “how many mirrors
    has this morning hung?”

    The sense of seeing too much self in the world, in the day.
    MAN, I’m just gonna chew on that for awhile. I feel this, deeply.
    (Love the rest, too.)


  4. I must say, you certainly got into the swing of things, finding 13 perspectives & keeping the stanzas sparse & crisp. II & VIII really wowed me; more blackbirds appear; great–guess I need to get out my Joni Mitchell & groove on BLACKBIRD.


  5. I love the way you handled the prompt!I especially enjoyed number 3. This little snippet of an image gave me both a mixture of a velvet sorrow and tingling happiness that beckons me to smile. It reminded me of how those who really love us we always, despite everything, see us in the softest of ways, and for me, it is my grandmother, hence why I immediately felt attached to this part of your whole poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is awesome. Everything you write is awesome. But I have to tell you, when I read #12, I first saw this … which really made me smile:

    “then what saved Narcissus?
    a nipple?
    a tear?”


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