Here it is still Morning

here the bush consumes the sun,
its colour, its warmth, its coppery light,
the ruminant grassland
breathing it slowly
into its scattered bones;

here vultures hover
over carrion fields,
the air smells of brutal death,
of the dry mouth of hunger,
of the pulsing heft of life;

here it is still morning,
elements swirl with the infinite,
one hand holding up the sky,
the other earthed as the first truth
separates from the night;

here you and I, like voyeurs,
peering through the keyhole of time,
cast free when life emptied its pockets,
things that collect without asking,
an uncried tear, an unformed smile;

here lying with the red dust,
with yesterday’s trampled grass,
with the silence raising its bloodied mouth,
with the darkness swallowing the roar,
with minds caught in the swirl, arms still flailing;

here it is still morning.




42 thoughts on “Here it is still Morning

  1. The imagery is spot on… I like how you create an environment which is both reproachful and comforting. There’s an eerie silence; your verse sounds like a chant – a unique ode to things that growl and prowl where it is still morning.
    Very well penned. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Sometimes sorrow can leave us in the same place and time and i sensed that here – peering through the keyhole of time – was a particularly moving line..almost as if we can sometimes end up being observers rather than participants of our life


  3. Again you’ve painted such an image, “one hand holding up the sky, the other earthed . . . . . . . ” In my minds eye I can see the survival of life continuing. Very enjoyable read here.

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  4. How hungry i am now! “the bush consumes the sun” and vultures and “the dry mouth of hunger” and silence and darkness. I am a discard, and, I sense, also the cause of decay. Such thirst, such sorrow.

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  5. Incredible images and I do get the sense that “here it is still morning” conveys that sense of all both hope and despair – but more than all – the possibility of what is yet to come…although chaos might have already occurred elsewhere….


  6. The imagery here is stunning. I think you are so talented in conjuring up pictures in our minds while touching our conscious and subconscious in a wonderful way. Beautiful writing.


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