Reason Flutters

shaped unceasingly
into acquiescing sobriety,
between the dull
resonance of tolling bells
and the complicity of yoked breath,

reason flutters,
the throbbing tail
of an inebriated kite,
hovering against the too bright
skyline, between darkness
and burning treetops,

once more,
before the wind dies.

Quadrille: a 44 word poem

5 thoughts on “Reason Flutters

  1. To feel the darkness, the burning treetops and the bright skyline is to know. Reason is good at connecting them, that’s it. While it stays true to its vocation, it is sure-footed; other times, it flutters 🙂


  2. Lovely, Rajani. I just love the moment when “reason flutters”, hanging in the balance. It feels small in comparison to the darkness and the burning brilliance, which makes sense to me. Reason is a flimsy tool for navigating the richness of life at times…



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