Tagore/Kabir V – Maya as oppression

Inspired by the Tagore/ Kabir combine….

Gathering just-a-bit-o moss

This is the third post in the Tagore/Kabir series.

An oppressive taunt is Maya’s
Brother in law; the

Cusp of a lesser heaven; the
Beerbelly is contingent

Upon remembering how much seep
Was ingested and

How it came about that you wept
So soundly.

A fellow blogger/poet, ThotPurge, interpreted the original thus:

I killed my shadow
Blocking the afternoon sun
Now clouds distract me

Ans this is how Tagore originally appropriated Kabir

 I. 63. avadhû, mâyâ tajî na jây Tell me, Brother, how can I renounce Maya? When I gave up the tying of ribbons, still I tied my garment about me: When I gave up tying my garment, still I covered my body in its folds. So, when I give up passion, I see that anger remains; And when I renounce anger, greed is with me still; And when greed is vanquished, pride and vainglory remain…

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