Two from Eternity

two days from empty.
two hours from dawn.

behind the lattice of the old guava tree,
a pregnant cloud counted her sorrows,
it had been a while since the last implosion,
the detritus had found its way back,
climbing on the coattails of an indifferent sun,
the rain she had lost filled her eager womb again,
how much longer?

with slate grey envy,
she filleted the gloating moon,
so sure in death,
so sure she would be born again,
emerging from the ghastly dark,
like the teasing glimmer
of an unfulfilled promise,
over and over.

his face etched in argentine woe,
the man stared out of his window,
two days from full,
two hours from dawn,
he heard himself crack,
this was the brink,
there would be no turning back,
there would be no other path,
he felt the night creep slowly
into his fading eyes,

a cloud had moved
to cover the smile
of the relentless moon.

For the midweek prompt at Poets United: “resilience”

34 thoughts on “Two from Eternity

  1. Wow! What unique images. I love this, for example: “she filleted the gloating moon” and the personification of cloud and the comparison of she and he. You move me.


    1. Thank you Susan.. nature has examples of all types of behaviour, it is when we seek in our darkest moments that we sometimes end up following the inappropriate model…


  2. I love the idea of “Two From Eternity”, and enjoyed the two perspectives. I think I like most the idea of the cloud being pregnant with rain. The description of his face in “argentine woe” is vivid. I could see him.


  3. ” two days from full,
    two hours from dawn,
    he heard himself crack,
    this was the brink,
    there would be no turning back,”- Ah, “bouncing back” captured so articulately! WOW! Magical poem…


    1. Thanks Truedessa…nature’s resilience in the form of water recycled into clouds over a period of time or the predictable waxing and waning of the moon does little to reassure the weak human heart…


  4. Resilience, it happens, over and over again. And yes; there is death, when resilience looks to the moon’s smile and utters a sigh.

    An excellent craft dear Thotpurge

    Much love…


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