When we Talked

how far will you take this silence?
already, the quiet forest
is reclaiming our world of sound,
its roots snaking between
our crumbling grid of words,
said and swallowed,
leaves choking the cracks
between our failing sentences.

how far will you bleed this wound?
already, the mocking birds
have lost their song,
see them flapping their wings
against the purple sky,
a new lexicon
is evolving swiftly
in the hushed twilight.

how far will you stretch eternity?
already, by the time you turn,
if you return,
this canopy, but an echo chamber
for formless verse,
would have turned rotten
all that once should have been
spoken and heard.

this wound of silence
will bleed for all eternity,
all that will be
is an ancient wind,
licking its speechless lips,
how it used to feel
when we talked.


Linked to the midweek prompt at Poets United “Wind Power”

39 thoughts on “When we Talked

  1. Jaun Elia, nihilist and joker, offers a blanket response, and though the tangential reply cannot match the somberness of the plaint, it is poetic enough to warrant mention:
    shikwa ye hai ke wo bhi wo nikla
    hai nadaamat ke hum bhi hum niklay

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    1. Wah! Must read more of his work.. will look him up online. He’s right though, one needs to hold a mirror up to one’s own heart. But where’s the fun in that! 🙂


  2. ” an ancient wind // licking its speechless lips ”

    I love how your poetry elevates commonplace emotions to the realm of the epic and eternal. You capture the power of the heart; its capacity for grief and passion; how every human heart contains in itself the whole of the universe…


  3. Wow! I hardly know where to begin! This silences me! I see the earth farmed out so that even the wind could cease, but blows on making mockery of us all. This trumps “The Wasteland.”


  4. all that will be is an ancient wind, licking its speechless lips, – such a powerful line is this wonderful poem..sometimes silence is the hardest thing to break..and that always seems like a dichotomy because silence is often the message we are trying to scream out loud


  5. all that will be
    is an ancient wind,
    licking its speechless lips,
    how it used to feel
    when we talked.

    Sigh,,, breathing in these awesome lines 😀

    Lots of love,


  6. I think I know a little of what it’s like to lick speechless lips: hungering after words that somehow will not form themselves or let themselves be uttered. Frustrating!


  7. How far will one take one’s own masochism in use as passive sadistic punishment. It begs to question why any of us do this at times. This one gets me thinking.


  8. The wind can bide its time, laugh at our foolishness and still be here when the Earth is free to recover from this plague of humanity. This is a great poem Thotpurge.


  9. The beauty of your verse lies in its coherency of those emotions which stretch far beyond anything else could reach. It’s the wind that makes them flutter, it’s your cascading verse that breathes life into them.
    Beautifully penned.



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