Who is Counting?

Where action inclines sharply towards consequence, where cause metamorphoses gently into effect, where the past plunges headlong into an everlasting present, where destiny stands with one leg digging into the unmoving earth, the other dipping into an effervescent champagne cloud, where for an instant we stop each time, eyes searching the old forked road before your feet no longer hear the sound of mine…

How often have we passed through time’s revolving door, how often have those roads led back to this endless moment, this boundless place, this unsaid word, this unpromised feeling, how often does it seem that everything has happened and will just happen again, how often do we have to leave before we learn to say goodbye?

And yet, today, my steps falter, my eyes fade, my shadow turns repeatedly to check if you are following.

who is counting
between horizon and shore
the waves that came and left


For Dverse Poets where the prompt is “farewell”

26 thoughts on “Who is Counting?

  1. You really catapulted me into overlapping dimensional shifts & Zen reincarnations, standing in Bardo reading your poem & fully understanding its implications, fully capable of answering your questions but unable to toss my data back through the veil; terrific take on the prompt. I like your line /where destiny stands with one leg digging into unmoving earth/.


    1. Thanks so much Glenn, I love that it took you to rebirths..it wasn’t what I was thinking of when I started writing it, but after I posted it, I did think it could be interpreted that way!!! Much appreciated!


  2. A beautiful, immediate start that opens and takes one on a real and sincere journey with message for us all. The balance between prose and haiku is just exactly right: both heigten each other’s effects, and really, the haiku says it so well.


  3. “the past plunges headlong into an everlasting present”
    That it does, that it does. What gives the present its everlasting sheen though is thinking the past is only the past.


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