Only the Wind

only the wind,
much later,
combing the grass
below the stately banyan,
dragging stale crumbs
into the vortex of a startled gasp,
feet bleeding,
heart racing
ahead of its trembling hands;

only the wind,
that stumbled upon the ring,
the big yellow diamond
like a chunk of cringing sun,
face half-buried in the mud,
a jaundiced star
trapped inside a gold mirage;

they say it wasn’t yet fall,
they say it was still warm,
but the leaves turned a sickly mustard hue,
falling in sallow clumps,
a stained blanket heaped over
an unclaimed corpse;
they say it never really dried,
and yet one day the whole tree died;

only the wind,
hugging the secret to its rheumy chest,
sometimes watched the stranger watch,
from a distance,
through the silence,
feeling the footsteps in the grass,
hearing time as it passed,
they say his eyes never dried,
and yet the light in them had died;

only the wind,
unable to lift it,
unable to leave it,
whistled over the lifeless plain,
sang alone of the toxic pain,
that still seeped
from the interred stone,
eating the roots
that embraced it.

For the midweek prompt at Poets United– “Picnic”.
Inspired by W.H Auden’s haiku:
Thoughts of his own death,
like the distant roll
of thunder at a picnic.
MarginaliaΒ (1965-68)

34 thoughts on “Only the Wind

  1. Wow, oh wow. The wind and death–a body of a person and of a tree and a half-buried ring. The crumbs of life and sound and love make a gruesome picnic. This poem echoes in me, a tale of horror.


  2. I really like the comparison of the tree which one day died and the light in his eyes which also died. I am feeling a backstory of what happened at the base of that tree, and the impact it had on the tree and the man. This is a very intriguing poem.


    1. Absolutely Sherry..the backstory is that picnic!! Who knows what happened then.. maybe we’ll save that for another prompt πŸ™‚ Thanks so much!


  3. Wow. W.H. Auden would be proud to read your words. They are beautiful. This is such a lovely poem. It’s imagery is stunning and the idea of death and wind seems to touch a certain reality within me. Great writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think this is one of my favorites of yours. I had to read it twice as there is so much here and much to contemplate. Only the wind really knows which way it will blow…


    1. I’m working on bringing in references that come naturally, while earlier I discarded everything that I thought didn’t translate easily into English… it is a work in progress!


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