when sleep lay awake,
watching sound drift away, slowly,
like the hush over a platform
as the last of the train angles away,
and shoes and wheels fade into spaces,
tracks cannot follow
in straight lines;

because sleep lay awake,
long after the last bird
had sung its last lullaby,
even the ones dressing
to hatch the next morning,
silenced by a circadian rhythm
of dark fear and finger-crossed hope,

I wish i could tell you when it happened,
sometime after the quiet began,
when the night was a parody
of its shadowy self,
a child’s charcoal drawing
on a damp canvas square,
a string puppet tied to its own
shackled hand;

sometime when sleep still lay awake,
and the birds had laid their voices to rest,
when the night hung from the moon
like a shrivelled caricature,
I wish i could tell you when it happened,
when the wheels turned away
from the lines,
when the marionettes began to whirl,
when the tears came
and when alone became lonely.


33 thoughts on “When

    1. Yeah.. there’s something about empty platforms right…sad..as if it’s all over. But that poem wrote itself really quick, so not sure what it was thinking… 🙂


  1. Those images in ones mind tickle our creativeness and often the words just flow and almost demand to to be posted. I loved the imagery you created here and the dreamy feelings that it produced.


  2. You have really shown what it is like when sleep lays awake. I see the thoughts whirring through the head, some of them eerie — the marionettes begin to whirl! I have had such nights.


  3. Wow, stunning….from the rich imagery of this: “like the hush over a platform
    as the last of the train angles away” to the poignant contrast of “when alone became lonely.” Really brilliant. There is such a world of difference between those two words, ‘alone’ and ‘lonely.’


  4. Man, this is greatly relatable. It seems to be the same experience whether it’s insomnia, lonliness, depression or even illness. Sleep is a terrible thing when you want it…but can’t have it.


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