And the Sea

he pulled his trench coat closer,
kneeling on the dark promontory,
head bowed
as if in prayer;

below him the writhing sea moaned,
wrapped herself against unforgiving rock,
her damp mouth warm on his,
salt crusting on his trembling lips;
she arched again and came to him,
pushing the moon off her tulle covered face,
gathering the crystal studded sky
across her gleaming shoulders;
he cried out loud
as his fists closed
around the uncurled tresses of the night,
thrusting her away,
beseeching the wind
to numb the distance between them;

i could see him from where i stood,
his eyes never leaving the sea,
and the sea,
burying his soul in the slipping sand,
whispering promises in his ear,
calling him softly
with my eyes.


49 thoughts on “And the Sea

  1. it is so beautifully descriptive…..
    i haven’t read Pratibha Roy’s Yajnaseni, hope i haven’t tarnished Draupadi’s character that Vyas imagined…the poem was getting too long otherwise i could dwell on her scintillating intelligence & courageous spirit fighting injustice…remember the court scene?


    1. No..your poem was lovely.. I love the way you bring in mythology and Tagore into your work..I enjoyed that book because it tries to look at events from Draupadi’s point of view! And yes the court scene really is quite something…


  2. luv the two dimensions presented: the seen and the unseen. The persona seeing observing all of the natural seen and the person him who she communicates with not expecting an answer. Of this ethereal solliloquy; my favourite line is “gathering the crystal studded sky
    across her gleaming shoulders;”

    have a nice Sunday

    much love…


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