High Enough

She climbed out of the stairwell into the cold air. Sixteen floors. High enough. Below her the city slumbered, its grimy dreams threading the last breath of night and the still incubating dawn. Her mind raced haphazardly through time, sifting through the randomness of that moment for a familiar anchor. Something to hold on to as she fell.

The sun was setting and the light changed throwing dusty halos around the animals as the old woman slowly led her goats across the road. They had waited in the car till the herd disappeared into the distance, just the two of them in the twilight, wrapped in a private medley of purple and red, eternity silent, watching them through the tall trees…

Sixteen floors. She moved her foot closer to the edge.

the first spring moon
carefully serenades the rose
hiding its dark side

For Dverse Poets where the inspiration is Paulo Coelho: “At every moment of our lives, we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss.”

39 thoughts on “High Enough

  1. I held my breath when I saw “her foot close to the edge”. In the dark, the seemingly boundless abyss between fairy tale, life and nightmare is too blurry for comfort.

    Love the suspense of your haibun, its imagery… and the crowning haiku.


    1. That was a great prompt on Antithesis Bjorn… and thank you for your observation. I haven’t consciously been using the technique but I am going to be thinking about it the next time I write. I love your comment on the world being black and white at the same time.. it completely resonates with the way I think!


  2. That ending gives me chills ~ The first and second parts of the prose are a vivid contrast, one of the reality of escaping 16 floors up, and the other the fairy tale of two people wrapped in the colors of the sunset ~

    Thanks for the lovely share Thotpurge ~ Wishing you happy week ~


  3. I enjoyed the contrasts in the prose…..between the real and the surreal. I especially loved the surreal…”eternity silent watching through the tall trees.”


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