there was a hush this morning,
the kind of eerie nothing
when even pasty cobwebs
don’t stir in the uneven breath of watchful feet,
they had all gone,
every last one of them,
packed their heavy maudlin bags
and taken off like murky evil
at the first blink of dawn;

for days they had bickered
and harangued in strident tongues,
held hands in honeyed monochrome,
copulated feverishly,
cheating on one another,
building incomprehensible cages
where they held my words hostage,
and now, strangely,
now they were gone;

as if my every thought,
infested with toxic emotions,
had been distilled through the fine sieve of night,
and answers floated,
with hastily fastened fins,
their ink bleeding into the
clear lake of light;

but reason laughed and whirled,
like rapture in Rumi’s eyes,
infinitesimal matter orbiting
a translucent core,
in a frenzy of timelessness,
in a senseless craving,
in a bottomless cry
for joy;

but all there was
was this unspeaking answer,
like a five-pointed crystal glow,
dissolving into a spectrum of layered light,
in a silent emptiness
that crept into the little hollows
where emotions once lived;
the hush this morning
coating my trembling hand,
that reached, unfeeling,
through the pitying void.


57 thoughts on “Gone

  1. I love that final image of the hand reaching through the void. A powerful way to end, since it seems to extend the poem out to the reader. Like it’s reaching out to us reading. Is it menacing? I’m not sure…


  2. I love all of this but especially “distilled through the fine sieve of night,” and the allusion to the whirling dervish. Oh, yes, we want the joy, and I hope we find more then the void waiting where emotions used to be. What is reason without it’s bedrock of feeling? Mere icing.


  3. My first thought was, you must live in Iowa and have just survived caucus season. But then that nightmare will be back when it all goes national … but whatever that case, the sense of oppression is as heavy as is the relief from it. And the remedy always seems like it was an inside job…

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  4. this capture an emptiness i have felt multiple times before with loss and then that feeling of emptiness which will not soon wane. a heart left in pain while knowing that the one whose left , their existence now transcends into another journey unlike that which is left behind in this mundane heart



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