Where Lotus Buds Smile

from a gold carriage, a maiden descends,
in jasmine tipped fingers, oblations fine,
a rainbow spilt over pale river bends,
a liquid arch flowing up to the shrine;

a blush entangled in her silken threads,
she trips on chants as she follows his lead,
silver anklets are hushed by grassy beds,
dark eyes supplicate passion’s first need;

the wandering echo of time gone by,
still whispers her name in the peepal’s shade,
some nights, weeping bells sing a lullaby,
then some mornings, the sleepless nights don’t fade;

come back girl where the blue lotus buds smile,
he’s still waiting there, it’s been quite a while.

Random thoughts while wandering through ancient temples…
Linked to Poets United

45 thoughts on “Where Lotus Buds Smile

  1. Beautiful! Loved this. “Your random thoughts while wandering through ancient temples” – somewhat exemplative, I thought, of the process of creating a poem … the direction, I went in my post this week. Smiles.


  2. Dreamy writing that takes one to another time and place. the last two lines may not be “needed” except for form, but they are definitely wonderful and tie the lines and story to a wistful close. I hope she does return to the lover and the blue lotuses.


  3. Beautiful title and the sonnet worked well to convey your message. One needs balance when walking on sacred grounds as the ancient ones do speak their own language.


  4. The imagery in this poem is lovely, as is the photo…wonderful to be walking through ancient temples and feeling the history of those who walked there long ago……..very beautiful writing.


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