Wordless Dusk

then I remembered
how the twilight
curls around your fragile wrist


everything is bearable
except this silence
that swallows your name


all my journeys
all my poems
awash in this wordless dusk

Linked to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, where Basho’s journey to the Deep North (Oku no Hosomichi) continues. From Fukui, Basho travels with the poet Tosai to see the full moon over Tsuruga harbour. Passing the Uguisu barrier with the first wild geese of Autumn, he is struck by the moonlight on the sand at the Kehi Shrine. Waiting for a clear day through the variable Northern weather, he takes a boat trip to the island of Iro-no-Hama, where glass of warm Sake in his hand, he feels the desperate isolation of the beach at dusk.
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