Searching in the Wind

perhaps with Siddhartha,
combing the whirlpools
out of the river’s flow,
rowing down the causal rhythm
of its wrinkled forehead;

or with Rumi awhirl,
to the music of the stars,
gathering half-truths
into a frenzied spiral,
uniting in a single point of rapture;

I seek with them both,
through a matrix of clouds and time,
even the dew
on the morning grass
looks despairingly at the light;

all except this wind,
that wraps around
its own dissonance,
not stopping for a moment
to ask where it will end;

even yesterday,
it raged over the temple tower,
in concert with the trembling bells,
reaching down to ruffle the hair
of the homeless old man,
waiting for alms at the gate;

it watches me,
he cautions me,
my arms laden with questions;
set down your load, it blusters,
his kindness sinks into the hollows around his eyes,
come put your hand in mine, it bellows,
his lips are cracked from the unyielding sun,
come with me, it whispers,
to a place with the river becomes a single point,
he nods slowly,
here, he says,
even the answers are searching.

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24 thoughts on “Searching in the Wind

  1. Wow! WOW! I’m truly moved and inspired by this! And it so happened that i read this with Abida Parveen singing Bulle Shah in the background, And the whole Sufi/Buddhist/Vedantic combo was overwhelming, to say the least! Again, wow…! 🙂 🙂

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  2. I have read that story of Hermann Hesse many times beginning when I was still a teenager. I loved your spiritual references and how the wind was personified. Perhaps we do need to listen to it…


  3. The wind personified, I have seen it before, but your take is unique. The reference to religion and poets… all are in the wind, and maybe the last line really sums it up… Even answers searching.. (I got to think about 42, the answer in a hitchhikers guide to the universe)


  4. I admire the personification of the wind, weaving with your own myths ~ This part came alive for me:

    come with me, it whispers,
    to a place with the river becomes a single point,
    he nods slowly,
    here, he says,
    even the answers are searching.

    Thanks Thotpurge and wishing you a good week ~


  5. I read this a few times & really think it is a well constructed poem that makes the reader CHOOSE to read it a second time to get its full meaning. I like ‘my arms ladened with questions’ and ‘even the answers are searching.’ Like others, I enjoyed the way you personified the wind.


  6. SMiLes.. decades.. so far removed from
    the Homeless man on the street..
    Destination.. so far removed
    from the homeless man
    on the street…
    So like the
    homeless man
    on the street..
    whose home
    is lives within..
    wheRe questions
    are answers of
    being sAMe in
    now.. liVinG
    a bridge with
    in a fall
    out escape..
    Homeless eyes..
    sea.. a home within..
    Ocean iS uS ALive..:)


  7. This is an outstanding metaphoric rocking of the prompt, tinged with your voice & rhythms; with a cool nod of the poet/s pen to Heese. 42 indeed. I liked the lines /even yesterday/it raged over the temple tower/in concert with the trembling bells/.


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