26 thoughts on “#64

  1. What one has endeavored to keep as a secret will eventually be known. More so when there is a negative undertone related to it that one needs to hide! Cleverly written Thot!



  2. OH I read hope in this…all the longings and fears and letting go can only be born so long before there is a break and then it all can go good or bad. I think good as I can really finally release the darkness and make way for the light and new. But that release can be most painful…wishing you more light and love as the oilskin slips further away!

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  3. Life doesn’t seem to harbor any long-term secrets, I’ve concluded. In the end, they seem to find their way out, to the light, as seeds do in the soil… though the right conditions may be decades from now… And when they finally make it there, flowers do bloom. With surprising variety and grace. But we can’t imagine what could possibly bloom, while we keep those seeds wrapped tightly in our darkness… I really enjoyed the tension of this piece, which for me is built into what isn’t spoken– what we understand and I think share as human beings– which is the inevitability of Life’s unearthing processes…



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