And Smile…

Every time she smiled, she died a little more.

His voice waited, huddled on decrepit platforms in an old grey blanket, peering down the tracks. She thought she heard him through the window, a mocking blur, the stiffly bent vowels a familiar tune, her lips coating half-forgotten words, trembling as the melody rose to find tunnels between nameless stars that hung like abandoned cities in the sky. They had not spoken in years. Not since that train pulled away.

She turned as she heard the key turn in the lock, grabbed her fallen smile, chipped and bent like a pair of well worn spectacles, and let it settle on the bruised bridge of her mouth.

on the fresh snow
squirrel tracks
in both directions


39 thoughts on “And Smile…

  1. This is so tender i hate to ruin it with a comment but it was impossible for me to resist. You’ve outdone yourself here. The meloncholy in this post is so contagious. Reminds me of the movie “5 Centimeters Per Second”. Thanks for sharing this. πŸ™‚


  2. the prose in the haibun is stunning. lovely imagery.
    nameless stars that hung like abandoned cities in the sky” : oh wow!!
    the haiku really works to highlight the broken relationship.


  3. Whew, I really like this haibun. The prose is chilling, makes my heart race faster. I have my own picture of what takes place after his key turns in the lock. The haiku is wonderful…compliments the prose beautifully, would stand well on its own. Perfection!


  4. You set this scene wonderfully………I really like her smile put on like worn spectacles. And the haiku at the end is very intriguing, very telling the footprints going in both directions. Excellently executed!


  5. Perhaps, it is the fake smile that makes her die a little more…

    “nameless stars that hung like abandoned cities in the sky”

    I wonder how many nameless stars are out there waiting to be discovered in empty cities..


  6. love the description of smile. ‘abandoned cities in the sky’ ~ very interesting idea to ponder about too. Masterfully written haibun, haiku layers- excellent addition to prose, bravo!


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